Hip Circles

Hip circles bring movement and circulation down into the lower abdomen and pelvis. This increases blood and energy circulation here which helps flush the connective tissues of toxins and brings in nutrients needed for repair. Connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, cartilage, etc.) has no direct blood supply for these nutrients which is why healing is very slow for sprains, strains, and connective tissue tearing. Hips circles effectively help your body supply these nutrients, but are gentle enough not to do damage.

By synchronizing your breath with your movement your decrease stress hormones and further oxygenate your blood. This helps calm the mind and brings healing to your whole body.

Slow Squats

Like hip circles, slow squats bring movement and blood flow into the hips and pelvis. Slow squats also help you safely and effectively strengthen the hips, pelvis, gluteal muscles, quads, and hamstrings without further damage to your connective tissues.

Be sure to keep your knees aligned as shown in the video. Don’t let your knees extend past your toes. Breath inward while squatting, exhale while coming up.

Sciatic Relief

“Sciatica,” is a term used for pain in the hips around where the back pocket of your jeans sit. It might also refer to pain that radiates down the centerline of the back of the leg or down the side of the thigh. Sometimes sciatica gets so bad that it radiates down to the lower leg or foot also.

The sciatic nerve starts as a bunch of individual nerves that originate on either side of the lumbar and sacral vertebrae then bundle together and run down the back side of the pelvis through the gluteal muscles. When the gluteal muscles or the muscles of the low back get tight or inflamed the nerve gets squeezed causing the pain.

The easy partner massage shown in the video can help loosen the gluteal muscles, often giving great relief from sciatic pain without drugs. Get on all fours (or rest on your knees and forearms if you have painful wrists). Have your partner get behind you and place the heels of his or her hands on your hips about where the back pocket of your jeans would be. Have your partner apply medium alternating pressure as shown in the video. You should be able to easily resist the push, but it should feel good. Give your partner feedback and let them know if they need to push harder or lighter.

You can repeat this massage move as often as you want for sciatic relief whether you are pregnant or not. This is also great for breast feeding moms and anyone who can’t or does not choose to take pharmaceutical drugs or herbal medicine.